Muni Metaphor of the Day

Photo by whitneykahl

All the world’s a stage, and the men and women merely Muni riders. — William Shakespeare.

From a very confusing posted sign at a bus stop:

“Muni buses are dogie playgrounds. Muni drivers love listen to dogs barking 24/7.”

Via whitneykahl on Instagram.

  1. Lonesome Cowboy

    Perhaps whoever posted this note is in fact referring to “dogies”, as in motherless calves–the subject of many an early country-western song. (such as this one: )

    The Muni driver is indeed in some senses a cattle herder. The “barking” subsequently referenced is thus not the calves but the herd dogs, who assist in ranching the “dogies”.

    The barking dogs, in turn, refer perhaps the well-behaved apple polishers of the MUNI world, those who text the four-digit bus number when they see graffiti in progress.

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    • eugenia

      Literary analysis on Muni Diaries!? You are our awesome commenter of the day in my book :)

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