Why talking to a stranger on Muni isn’t always a bad idea

Always terrible with his sense of direction, comedian Tirumari Jothi takes the K instead of the M, and suddenly finds himself at Balboa Park station at 1 a.m. A conversation with a stranger helps him find his way back home to Park Merced, but not before the chat involved topics he never thought he’d hear.

Tirumari has been performing comedy for six years, with stand-up as his first love, but he also loves improv and sketch acting . You can find him either performing with the geeky comedy group he co-founded, Komedio Comedy, or acting on stage with Killing My Lobster (find him at Sketchfest 2018). You can find him on Twitter @tirumari.

Listen to Tirumari’s story here:
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Muni, personified, talks NextBus


Julian has a rad little illustrated comic for you. We applaud this rather accurate take on what the K-Ingleside as a human would be like. Here’s the caption:

“Let’s see. If I hand my NextBus tracker to that taxi, he can take it to the cable cars, who can put it on the actual cable for awhile before passing it on to a tour bus, which can hopefully meet up with an outbound J, which will be close but not too close … yeah I think they’ll never catch me then!”

You’ve seen Julian’s work on Muni Diaries before: In 2012, he came up with the then 100-year-old Muni system as a person. Nice work.

Via Tumblr.

Kegels and Hair-Sniffing: Top Five TMI Muni Moments This Week

Photo by amyf

Sometimes I think Muni is our collective living room. But other times, people just get way too comfortable, as these five Muni moments of the week demonstrate. Important life question: How do you even measure the speed of kegels by bpm?

  1. Overheard on Muni this week: “My special talent is doing kegels at 180bpm. My record so far …11 minutes.”
  2. Another important question: Would it be inappropriate to wipe the lil smudge of shaving cream off this older Zach Efron lookalike’s face?
  3. A poor Muni rider had to changed seats on the 43 because the chick in the next seat kept smelling her hair like a Fabreeze commercial. (What shampoo do you use?)
  4. Girl at Muni stop smoking e-cigarette and blowing wisps of pomegranate or apple fumes billowing in this direction. Kind of nice.
  5. A man just cleaned his pitbulls earwax out on the K-outbound. You know. Whatevs. No big deal.

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More Sex Eyes On Muni, Please

muni seat grafitti nice cock
Photo by beefbovanoff

Betsy wrote a very compelling love letter to a rider she saw on the K-Ingleside.

Dear Cutie on the K car,
I find your face and physical stature pleasing , especially in that black tshirt and white earphones and backpack. Very fashion forward. And if I weren’t riding with my mom I’d be making 10x more sex eyes at you from my seat hoping you’ll ask me out.
Love, Betsy. /hugs from afar.

Careful with those sex eyes, Betsy. You might end up in our Muni Cupid Roundup next year!

via Of Hecate.

Mobile Makeup on Muni Metro


You know how it is. You get out of work or leave the house late, and you have to put your face on in transit. A personal favorite is one-handed penciling of your bottom lids (you know what I’m talking about).

We’ve seen pretty serious Caboodles on the bus before, and one lady on the 5-Fulton apparently does it every damn day. But this phenomenon reaches new, perfectly lined heights on the K-Ingleside, via My Muni on Tumblr.

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