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BART Diaries is a place to share and read tales and news about the Bay Area’s more or less reliable commuter-train system that goes by a lovable acronym. This site is brought to you by the creators of Muni Diaries.

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By day, Eugenia’s an editor at a little beleaguered company called Yahoo! where she is constantly amused by naughty search terms. By night, she is a freelance writer and some-time commentator for 91.7 KALW. Before going corporate, she had been a reporter and editor at New America Media. Her work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, KQED, and San Francisco Magazine.

When she’s not in front of a computer, you can find her running along Crissy Field, searing a steak in her kitchen, or reading a book (anywhere).


Jeff decided to move to San Francisco back when you had to take a shuttle from SFO to Colma. Coming from New York City, he thought it was strange that the trains were so clean, despite their bougie cloth seats and carpets.

Eventually, he “settled” plum between 16th Street and 24th Street stations, and promptly began utilizing both as needs dictated.

Now he spends most days transcribing instructional art demonstration videos for hearing-impaired students. Oh, and, along with Eugenia, he helps moderate and edit a little website called Muni Diaries.

Jeff enjoys reading and editing just about anything. He likes dogs. He likes getting out of town. He likes tasting copious amounts of wine, and eating good food. He recently decided that pizza wins over nachos. Close call.

Jeff recently asked Tara over at Muni Diaries to marry him. Oddly, she said yes.

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