M-car Grinds the Lip at Van Ness Station


This just in from Muni rider Christopher:

I was riding an M-car inbound today just around 2:30 PM. There was a strange K-KLAK sound of metal-on-metal between Church and Van Ness — like the streetcar had run over something on the tracks.

This being Muni, I thought nothing of it.

But as we arrived at Van Ness, the same noise repeated as the the streetcar entered the station. The M-car came to an ordinary halt, and the driver calmly asked everyone to disembark. That was when I noticed the front streetcar’s left main door was jammed open.

School-kids playing hooky flashed V-for-victory signs for their friends’ digital cameras in front of the huge side panel of the streetcar that was now folded unnaturally above the lip of the station’s boarding platform.

However it had come undone enough to impact whatever flipped it over the platform’s edge, the lock on the side of the streetcar had been torn through right through the panel.

To his credit, the Muni driver kept the situation mellow and casual.

I exited to the street and legged it to the 14 so as to avoid the crowd on the F-car.



All images by Christopher Rogers

  1. Kelsey

    I’m confused as to what part of the car this is; the door?

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  2. Daishin

    Best quote of the week!

    “This being Muni, I thought nothing of it.”

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  3. j

    This happened same place some months ago (maybe a year ago?)

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