Filling Nat Ford’s Bruno Maglis

10545 SFDPW Director Ed Reiskin
Photo by SFBC Operations

Current Public Works Director Ed Reiskin is the new executive director of SFMTA, the agency that oversees Muni. Reiskin steps into the job recently vacated by the infamous Nat Ford, everyone’s favorite Muni punching bag. We’re not envious of the task ahead for Reiskin, but what we’ve read about him bodes well.

Here’s what Streetsblog SF has to say about Ed:

Reiskin, a bicyclist and Muni rider who is widely respected by his staff, supervisors and transit advocates, was first appointed to head the SFDPW in 2008 by former Mayor Gavin Newsom, and current Mayor Ed Lee, who was city administrator.

Did you catch that? Dude actually rides Muni. Wise people held this as a prime criteria for the next Muni director.

Other coverage of Reiskin: Examiner, SF Weekly, SFGate, SF Appeal.

What do you think? Are you pleased with this pick for the next Muni chief?

  1. Michael

    I got off the 43 Masonic this evening to go to a meeting. Guy in a suit and glasses got off also and followed me in. I learned that this man was Ed Reiskin.

    He seems legit to me.

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  2. Dexter Wong

    Wow! A Muni director who actually rides Muni!

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    • jeff

      forreals, right?

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