Circular logic at SFMTA Lost and Found

SFMTA - Muni headquarters
Photo by Steve Rhodes

Muni Tattoo girl alerts us to this “funny if it weren’t also totally pathetic” story:

I lost my coin purse containing my Clipper and my ID a couple weeks ago, and yesterday I got a call from the SFMTA lost & found saying that someone had turned it in (bless their heart). The woman told me I would need a photo ID to collect my… PHOTO ID.

Say whatever you want about competency. I wanna be present when Muni Tattoo girl and whoever’s running the Lost and Found open up that wormhole.

  1. Whit

    Maybe try a passport?

  2. Dexter Wong

    Oh, gee, sounds like Catch-22!

  3. carlos

    what’s so strange about that? has anyone not heard of having more than 1 form of identification?

  4. francis

    um… shouldn’t they be able to tell it’s you by comparing your face to the photo ID?

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