Decorating Muni Streetcars for the Holidays

1818 interior 1
Inside streetcar 1818 as it’s being decorated for the holidays

Last Saturday, Tara and I joined folks from Market Street Railway in what has become an annual tradition: The hanging of wreaths, streamers, and garlands on the historic F-Market/Wharves streetcars.

Here are a few of our behind-the-scenes shots. Look for car 1818 (already a green-and-red livery) on the streets in all its holiday glory soon!

1818 side garlands
MSR volunteers adorn the outside of car 1818 with garlands

1818 side
A sideview of 1818

Car 1818 with its wreath

Car 496 (Melbourne) also got some love on Saturday from the volunteers

  1. Trixie

    I saw car 1818 today! It looked so cute and festive!

  2. Rachel

    I love seeing the streetcars all done up for the holidays. I will keep my eyes out for 1818…

  3. heidi

    wonderful thanks

  4. Tammy Zo Pollard via Facebook

    so bummed i missed it. thanks Muni Diaries, for being part of it and sharing!

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