Muni News: BART handles bridge closure, historical Muni photos, BART cops

Photo by torbakhopper

  • Bay Area Transportation Agency Seeks Transit-Savvy Teens For Paid Internships (SF Appeal)
  • BART ridership during westbound Bay Bridge closure (
  • Private Shuttle Buses Sharing Muni Stops (SF Appeal)
  • SF Launches Innovative Muni History Exhibit To Celebrate 100 Years (The Mayor’s Office)
  • BART officer cleared in shooting of homeless man (SFGate)
  • Supes Should Rethink Kids’ Free Muni Rides (SF Weekly) See Muni Diaries coverage of this issue here
  • BART Cops To Get Devices To “improve behavior of all parties during police interactions” (SF Appeal)
  • SFMTA to hold a series town hall-style meetings on budget (City Insider)

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