Your Tax Dollars at Work: Prof. Muni, Pt. 2

We love you. Really, we do. You might not think so after watching the video we’re linking today. It’s the follow up to SFMTA’s first PSA about all-door bus boarding, which we posted on Tuesday.

Here, the cringe factor has been dialed up to 11. The same awk off-camera eye angles for the professor are accompanied by Judy and Jerry, the model Muni citizen and her polar opposite.

Proceed with caution (apparently, SFMTA disabled video embeds for this one. Good call?) … video is here.

  1. Margaret

    lol – I’m LOADED!

    • Mike Dillon

      That’s the real secret to a pleasant Muni experience.

  2. D


  3. patricia

    I want to see the video of how they will increase boarding efficiency at, for example, Market & 6th or 7th, where the delays are due to
    – people hanging out the doors and windows to continue “conversations” with people outside
    – people too insane/inebriated to care whether they’re following Muni procedure or not
    – people pleading with the driver for a free ride or simply refusing to pay for whatever reason
    – people who aren’t reading Muni-related blogs or watching silly videos to keep up with the latest nonsense

    I’d also like to see the video of a packed bus at rush hour when there’s barely room to squeeze off or on.

  4. Octoferret

    There’s already a 3rd one:

    • jeff

      oh, brother

  5. Dexter Wong

    The Judy and Jerry videos remind me of Highlights Magazine’s Goofus and Gallant. But it looks like they just brought a bus and the players to Eleventh St. behind Muni HQ to make this video one afternoon.

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