SFMTA wants you to help fix Muni

Seems everyone and their mom is on the innovation bandwagon here lately, or is it just me? In any case, here’s the latest slick effort to improve public transportation in San Francisco: re-route/sf.
From re-route/sf‘s mission statement:

Hattery Labs, along with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), City Planning Office, and Mayor’s Office, are co-sponsoring a hackathon to use technology, existing data, and new ideas to improve how SFMTA provides services, collects information, and interacts with its customers. This briefing summarizes the challenges that SFMTA is inviting the San Francisco community to address in the hackathon as well as some of the other questions that might stimulate creative solutions to other transportation problems.

And here’s how they plan to do such a thing:

1. Collect the right data.
2. Plan a trip anywhere — on-time.
3. See what’s broken and watch it get fixed.

Ambitious? Something you’d participate in? Let us know your thoughts.

Via @appliedluck

  1. Jym

    I can hardly wait for the _Fast_Company_ article to misrepresent whatever this year’s hackathon cooks up.

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  2. Will SFMTA buy the hardware needed to run the programs from the last hackathon? Because that might help keep this from being a waste of time.

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