N-Judah Sparks It Up

Nate sent us video of passengers exiting an N-Judah streetcar out in the Sunset. Shortly after they deboarded, the overhead wire had its say, as seen around 0:48 above.

We sure hope everyone was okay.

Yes, yes, we know it was a vertical video. Get over it.

  1. RB

    First of all…love the lady at the very end who just walks right past the cop after he says the sidewalk is closed.

    Second…kudos to Nate for getting this on video, but…it amazes me that people still refuse to turn their phones sideways when taking pics or movies. They’re built with wide screens and wide lenses for a reason, folks. How is it not instinctive at this point?

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  2. Rickbynight

    Is this why the N lost power all night? Carl and Cole had 2 dead N-Judahs sitting in the middle of the intersection blocking Cole Street all night. Chatting with one of the poor drivers, he had been stranded for 2 hours, and was supposed to get off 1.5 hours earlier to trick or treat with his kid, but he was stuck waiting with his train.

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  3. Dexter Wong

    Looks like the wire came down onto the roof of the car when the arcing occurred. That could be dangerous to anyone who touched the car at that time.

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