Video: Antwerp Rail Travelers Channel Their Inner Bond

Coke Zero (you know, the man’s diet drink?) put together this pretty ingenious promotion in conjunction with the release of the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. Travelers at an Atwerp train station were given the chance to be 007 and had 70 seconds to get to a designated platform and win movie tickets. Sounds easy, right? Well, not quite.

Some of the obstacles the amateur Bonds encounter:

  • workers moving a large sheet of glass
  • a toppled cart of oranges
  • escalator-hogging joggers
  • a crazy lady in a red dress

The video is quite funny but it begs the question … Could a contest like this ever be held here?

  1. Dexter Wong

    That guy really earned his ticket.

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  2. D

    I probably would’ve lost at the end when instructed to ‘sing the Bond song’ as I thought ‘Goldfinger’ was *THE* Bond song!

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  3. A Vuncular

    I doubt a contest like this was actually HELD there. Looks to me like a highly produced film of a fictional contest for the sake of the ad. Which could be a pretty effective ad.

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  4. Katie

    I seem to be in this competition any time I just try to walk down Market near fifth.

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