Retro Buses Celebrate Muni Centennial

Photo by @thecara

OMG, you guys. It’s like an old car show, Muni-style. Beginning yesterday, and happening again next Sunday, Muni is wheeling out special Sunday service for these vintage buses to celebrate Muni’s upcoming 100th birthday. How cool is that?

The fine folks at Market Street Railway have more on the two-time special Sunday service. Meanwhile, click the photo below to open a gallery of images we dug up.

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Photo by itsgraaaay

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  1. carey

    I know it’s cool and all that, but Muni has lots of $$ problems. Couldn’t the money spent on this have been used to improve existing service?

    • Mark Ballew

      Hi Carey,

      The street cars are restored using volunteers and donations, so this doesn’t cost the SFMTA a cent! The classic vehicles bring in a lot of tax revenue from tourists, and part of that tax revenue goes to the SFMTA, so it is a net win!


  2. Small point, but #3287 isn’t a trolley. It is a diesel.

    • jeff

      Thanks, Mark! Fixed.

    • Dexter Wong

      Muni 3287 representative of the first GMC buses bought new during the late Sixties-early Seventies.

      • Dexter Wong

        3287 is representative …

  3. Reminds me of how excited I got when Zodiac was being filmed and there were dusty old buses all over the city.
    Vintage carriages may not be the most ecological, but they’re a helluva lot more huggable (Muni plush, anyone?).

  4. Dexter Wong

    Trolley coach 506 is the oldest trolly coach owned by Muni and has not been fully restored to operating condition so it must be towed when not on display.

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