Muni Photo Essay: Making Ends Meet


Robert Livingston is one of our favorite SF photographers (we have hella faves, btw). Recently, we caught wind of a nice little series of photographs that Robert took of Rod. Of the photo above, Robert says, “Rod said that he never dreamed he would be collecting bottles. He said he once had his own house. He is proud of a grown son who lives in Canada.” Love that smile.

Robert joined Rod for a ride downtown on a Muni LRV.


“Rod waited for a nearly empty light-rail car to unobtrusively short-cut his bottles downtown.”

That’s a very kind, thoughtful thing to do. Eventually, Robert and Rod parted ways.


“Rod heads toward an elevator at the Civic Center Station.”

Check out more photos by Robert here.

  1. Erik

    I think I can smell that shopping cart from here.

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