Juggling is just one of Muni riders’ many talents


Over the years, we’ve seen and heard about balloon animal-makers, sketch artists, pole dancers, musicians, and make-up appliers. We’re never seen or heard about jugglers*. Not until now, that is.

Via @josephpwilson: “Just a normal two car outbound N-Judah with a juggler on Friday.”

* A little hard to see in the photo above, but look closely at the fella with the hat on the right side.

  1. loren

    i saw that guy on an inbound N last week. i kept trying not to stare, but he was juggling one-handed while the train was moving… impressive. i almost didn’t want to get off at my stop because i wanted to see how long he could go continuously (it had been close to 10mins when I disembarked).

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