Self-centered wellness before communal kindness on BART


I have no words for this level of assholery, so I’ll just let @Krothko speak for us all: “I’m sorry, you can’t have a seat on a packed train because I’m busy doing yoga.”

  1. Samantha Elise via Facebook

    Strangely enough it’s not just for those who do yoga on the train. It’s guys who think their balls are too big and like stretch their legs out all the while taking up as many seats as possible.


  2. Krystal Koop via Facebook

    Also known as “man sitting” Samantha Elise. I agree, ew indeed!

  3. Lara Althea via Facebook

    None of it is surprising…..people in this city are supremely self-centered and in their own little world/bubble.

  4. Luke Gurry via Facebook

    Sweep the leg.

  5. faern!

    im sorry, but that person is stretching.and likely not doing yoga at all.

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