Did C.S. Lewis ever ride Muni?


Because sometimes, there’s a centaur on the bus.

Via smallmeadow: “There’s a Centaur on my bus. #SF #Muni #Weird”

  1. There is never a boring day on Muni.

  2. A Vuncular

    Looks like a faun or satyr to me. A centaur would have a man’s head, neck, torso and arms where a horse’s neck and head would be on a four-legged horse body.
    A centaur is half man and half horse. A senator is half man and half hoarse.

    • Dexter Wong

      Particularly after a filibuster!

  3. patricia

    look at the expression on the old dude’s face, love it. I don’t even wanna think about the smell…

    • jeff

      I imagine hella cologne. No?

  4. Quin

    This guy plays the bagpipes on Market between 3rd & 4th st. He wears a kilt as well.

    he’s talented.

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