Sundown at Powell Station


Reader Gregory just brightened my day.

I came across this scene while walking through Powell station en route to the Ferry Building. I decided to pass through the station instead of walking the well-trodden and energetic Market Street. The energy underground is much different. Bright florescent lights leave nothing uncovered, and the corridors echo the voices and whispers of those passing though.

From a hundred steps away I heard the soothing notes of a trumpet player and his mp3 orchestra. And as I turned the corner, this is what I saw.

Anyone know more about this trumpet player?

  1. patricia

    wait, what? You can walk underground from station to station the whole length of Market Street? This is a bigger revelation to me than the trumpet player.

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    • HRM

      That would be awesome!!

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    • Technically you *can*, but there’s the risk of arrest, electrocution, or being run over.

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  2. jeff

    I think he means he just walked through the station instead of going above-ground right away?

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