Muni Epidemic: Seat Jerks


Muni Seat Jerks come in two flavors: 1) Those who hog more than their allotted one seat; 2) Those able-bodied passengers who refuse to give their seats up for the elderly and disabled.

@angrysalesgirl pays homage to the latter (photo above):

“C’mon, this again? Someone let the lady sit.”

Seat hogs must be the top of the list in the Five People You Hate on Muni. If even Jerry Brown can’t get a seat on BART, what about the rest of us?

  1. prunella

    Man, it pisses me off when seats aren’t given up for the hurt/disabled, elderly, very young or pregnant. I’ll probably be in one of the headlines one day, shot for asking one of these assholes to let one of these sit, albeit politely.

  2. Annie

    Here’s another sub-species of seat jerk: the person who sits in the outside, aisle seat of a two-seat and refuses both to let someone else in to the inside seat or move over to let someone take the aisle seat.

    Re asking someone to give up a seat — I’ve found it works OK to just call out to the general bus population, “hey, there’s a guy holding a baby [or whatver] here, can someone let him sit down?”

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