Discomfort-inducing Muni attire induces discomfort


And you thought those FBI (female body inspector) hats were terrible. In addition to marveling at that now comparably innocuous message, I’m left wondering why and how time and effort went into this DIY project.

Via Muni rider thinlizzy6669: “‘Your mom fucks like a real pro!! Your dad just lays there taking it in the ass…and crying.’ Wtf??”

OK, would you rather:

Be seated face-to-face with this hat for a realllllly long Muni ride. A 49-Van Ness in rush hour traffic, kind of realllly long ride.


Be yelled at or near with similar language for a couple minutes.


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  1. Dexter Wong

    I will admit that this hat seems irritating but I’m not about to let it bother me because that guy never knew my parents.

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