BART multi-tasker is seriously connected


Listening to your iPhone while wearing Google Glass … because you can never have too much technology attached to your head at one time. In all honesty, though, I was a bit surprised he didn’t smack me. I was drunk and could not shut up about his eyewear.

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  1. patricia

    and it looks like he’s got one of those hot cocoa dispensers they use at AT&T Park on his back!!!

  2. Tara

    YESS. We were trying to figure out what it looked like aside from a rolly suitcase.

  3. Dexter Wong

    I think that backpack is more high-tech than a hot-chocolate dispenser (but what is it?)

  4. James O'Boston

    It’s a Google Jet Pack. They’re less annoying than the shuttle buses, but smell like farts when ignited.

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