Bieber doppelganger spotted on Muni


No bigs, you guys. Just the Biebs playing Candy Crush on a Muni Metro train.

Other celebrity lookalikes you’ve sent along to us:

Bill Hicks
Zach Galifianakis
Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Muni rider Jessica passed along this Justin Bieber sighting: “I found Justin Bieber on an M at #Powell. I thought he was on probation?”

  1. Troll

    A wannabe lol…

    Hey, who like making story you should add a new story to the Muni Wrong Sign on Muni Shelter
    Sloat + 45th Ave (Shows N/NX/N Owl) instead of 18 and 23 Bus Shelter
    Taraval + 46th (near the diner) Bus Shelter

    I dont know they fixed yet.

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