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Muni Diaries is your slice of life in San Francisco. On Muni Diaries, anyone can share a story or photos about the great or not-so-great stuff happening on the journey between Point A and Point B. Because whether you love Muni or despise it, we are all in this together.

Muni Diaries is an independent website unaffiliated with any transit agency. We are just a few die-hard San Franciscans who love this city — and the ups and downs of the transit system it came with.

Who is Muni Diaries?

You! You are the contributor, the diarist, and the documenter of this cultural force of city living. Help us document San Francisco life by sending us your stories at muni.diaries.sf@gmail.com.

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The Muni Diaries Peeps

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Pic by Kevin Wong at Right Angle Images


One of the co-founders of Muni Diaries, Eugenia spends her days and nights exploring the nooks and crannies of the internet for companies big and small. In a previous life, she had been a reporter and editor at New America Media and a some-time commentator for 91.7 KALW. Her work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, KQED, and San Francisco Magazine. When she’s not in front of a computer, you can find her busily wiping her hands with Purell and eavesdropping on the 47, 49, or 1.



Tara is a writer, editor, and content marketing type who drew her first breaths of life at the old Mount Zion hospital on Divis. An early member of the Muni Diaries team, she has been engaging with this amazing community from the start. Twice a year, she produces and hosts Muni Diaries Live with Eugenia.

Back when you could live around here on a journalism salary, she reported for The San Francisco Examiner and the San Mateo County Times, priming her well for public-transit minutiae and the Parks and Recreation-like idiosyncrasy of local government. She digs travel, Bikram yoga, baseball, all of the pets, and Manhattans straight up.

Muni runs often and fiercely though her Chinunionob (Chinatown/Union Square/Nob Hill) ‘hood, and thank goodness for that. 38, 2, 3, 30, 45, 8X, KT, N…Bingo!



Craig joined Muni Diaries in the summer of 2012 to redesign the Muni Diaries website, as well as other promotional materials. Craig lives in the Mission and relies entirely on Muni. Within three days of moving to San Francisco in 2007, he received a Muni ticket and found himself in court disputing it a week later. He received another ticket on his birthday, but it was thrown out by a very nice police officer. Now, his day job pays for his transportation and Craig rides Muni entirely legally. When he’s not busy designing, he can be seen playing rock and roll music, cooking nearly edible food at home, and never dancing.

To see more of his great work, and to inquire about projects, check out craigfowlerdesign.com.


One of Muni Diaries’ co-founders (along with Eugenia), Jeff spends most of his days writing and editing online courses for a local art school. He used to write and copy edit for a newspaper and a handful of magazines and other printed, dead-tree publications. But, feeling buoyed by his move to the internet, hopes never again to lend himself to such wanton destruction of nature and causes of litter on city streets.

In all seriousness, though, Jeff enjoys reading and editing just about anything. He likes dogs. He likes baseball. He likes getting out of town. He likes drinking massive amounts of beer and wine, and eating good food. He decided that pizza wins over nachos. Close call.

The 14, 14R, and 49 are his lines. He occasionally flirts with the 38 and 38R, but don’t tell his main routes?


Logo and bus illustration in our masthead by Suzanne LaGasa.