Give Respect, Get Respect: Practice What You Preach

The first part of the title of this post comes from a new ad I saw on the back of a bus today:

I literally gasped. Year after year after year, and day after day after day, people are hit and killed by Muni while crossing the street. True — not all deaths and injuries are Muni’s fault. But in general, if you see a bus when you have a ‘Walk’ sign, look in all 360 degrees before walking. Doing so is a sign of self-respect.

I’m just baffled that the agency feels they need to educate the general public on safety issues. Why not run those banner ads inside the bus … say, in the front seat? Next to the driver.

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  • tara

    So…it sounds like they’re saying you won’t get run over if you respect the rules of the road. That means you shouldn’t fear for your life when Muni runs a red light to make that stop across the street on time?

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