Smooth Ride … Take It Easy


I just traveled from Balboa and 28th Avenue to Mission and 20th Street in 38 minutes. Yes, you read that right.

What a totally easy commute. The 31 was there at 28th Avenue right around 9 a.m., like it’s supposed to be. No long stops, no rowdy passengers, a very polite (if quiet) operator.

And I didn’t have to wait longer than two minutes on Van Ness for the 49 to appear. Again, a very nice driver (albeit talking on her phone the whole time), polite passengers, many green lights.

I will say this about the 49 operator: She stopped for a couple people past the stops they had intended to go to. She didn’t have to do that, but she did. Kudos.

See? We’re not just here to complain. That’s reserved for only 75 percent of the time.

Share your Muni success stories with the rest of the riding community.

Jeff’s spends five out of seven days copyediting at His most-commonly used Muni lines are the 49, the 22, and 31. He also tweets at Here and There.

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