Pissin’ in the Wind out in the Avenues

Thank god sometimes for NextBus.

This morning, I was out in the upper 20s on the north side of the park, and was passively relying on the 31-Balboa, which typically arrives shortly after 9 a.m. I usually check NextBus around 8:50 or so, and this morning, it’s a damned good thing I did. Here’s what I saw:

There was no way I could make that seven-minute bus. I’m not sure the world is ready to see me ride Muni in my boxers. That, and I still had to get the dog ready.

But note the parenthetical around that 22-minutes-away bus: Masonic & Turk????

Wait, wait, before you get as confused and annoyed as I was, the 31 does this half-run somewhat frequently. My best, half-educated guess is that it’s a scheduling issue for the operators. By the time they reach that point, for some, their shift is over. But at 9 a.m.? Yes, whatever, get over it.

I’d simply like to know why my usual, standby, roughly 9:05, regular 31 that goes to the Ferry Building bus is missing from this lineup. Again, the issue is most likely schedule-related. But that’s absolute bullshit, frankly.

Right up there (and not smelling too differently) with garbage collection, police protection, and water delivery into homes, the city has a mandate, a responsibility to ensure reliable public transportation.

I’m as tired of repeating myself as you must be of reading, but I will keep harping on these instances of transit breakdown until something is done.

And here’s another thing, pretty much the main point I want to make: Without the luxury of being in my girlfriend’s apartment, or the convenience of an iPhone, I would’ve had no idea of this missing run. But this isn’t about me; it’s about those people who are out there, some at this very moment, wondering where the fuck their bus or light-rail is. What about them?

Happy riding!

– Jeff

Jeff wonders if we should all just walk.

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  • Beth W.

    I’d be quite amused to see you on the bus in your boxers with a half-prepped pup, but then, I know you already. I guess the driver might not be so amused.

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