A Dose of International Homophobia on the 49

Judging by their accents, I’d say they were from some Eastern European country. When they got on, the bus was full, and the one man in the group took the open seat next to an extremely effeminate, probably-gay man. Probably-gay man was talking to his probably-straight female friend. Hands flailed, but in an oh-so respectful manner.

But that wasn’t good enough for gay-hating Eastern European man.

As soon as a seat opened across the aisle, he hopped over there and proceeded to stare back at probably-gay guy with a look that could cut glass.

Now, there’s a lot of speculation in this diary, to be sure. But that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

My advice to homophobes, no matter where you’re from: We have gay people here in San Francisco. Maybe you’ve heard. Do your best not to stare, especially with such disdain.

– Jeff

Jeff has seen a gay person or 10,000 in his eight years in San Francisco, but he’s never stared at them dismissively.


  • Still amazes me that visitors from anywhere come to one of the gayest places in the world, then get twisty about seeing examples thereof.

  • Dan

    This is one of those rare instances when I will speak up on Muni, the other time being when I bark at the tourists to move to the back of the F-Market. People seem to get mighty embarrassed and contrite when they’re reminded that they’re guests behaving badly.

  • endymion

    i got called a faggot on completely jammed 71 on one of the nights of the outside lands festival by a motley crew of suburban ne’er do wells for having the unmitigated gall to openly ask people to move back so more could fit on. i am not gay nor do i ‘look’ gay so this was, in a way, very funny, though not at the time. i fully admitted it though (i said “you’re right, i’m a faggot”), out loud to the whole bus prompting the back section (elevated, no less – a new hybrid) to erupt in OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHs and proceed to loudly taunt me for about 20 blocks. good times.

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