A Truck That Can Tow Mountains


Here we are on Powell just south of North Point on a Wednesday afternoon; I think we’re looking at a 9 or a 9x. And yes, it’s definitely getting towed.

So, what? Dead engine? Run out of gas? Flat tire(s)? Kind of embarrassing if any of those is the case, because a Muni hotel (parking lot/servicing spot) is less than a block from here. Also, this is the third or fourth stop from the start of the line. I think I speak for everyone when I say, “WTF?”

Obvious questions include: why’s it getting towed? Were people on this bus? Did a bus come to save the day? (SuperBus wasn’t that one in the background, if you were wondering). And was this a freak mechanical/electrical uh-oh or does this happen fairly regularly? Where’s Judson True when you need him?

— Tara


  • JR

    The yard at North Point and Powell is specifically for the shorter 40′ buses. It also isn’t mechanically equipped to fix the longer 60′ buses, but if the bus only needed gas or perhaps the engine overheated, I’m sure someone from that yard should have ungladly helped out.

  • eugenia

    JR – i chuckled at the “ungladly” – judging from the look of the mechanical apparatus, this can’t be a fun job to do…

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