penis in public

Submitted by Muni rider plug1:

well, you said gross — so here comes gross.

a friend was over for drinks on sunday evening and mentioned that his girlfriend has experienced a tale of horror on the n judah this past saturday. she was sitting near the back in an aisle seat, listening to her ipod when she felt something tickling her cheek. moments later she realized there was a rock hard penis in her face.

a young man had pulled out his junk and was rubbing on her ear/face. startled, she jumped up and said “what the fuck!?!”. to her surprise none of the other passengers seemed to take issue. the young man continued to wave his wand around in the air near her seat. she shoved her way past him, then walked to the front of the bus, told the driver, and got off at the next stop — in shock.

a daily rider, she has not boarded muni since.

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