BART Delays in SF

Tara’s at 24th Street, stuck for about 20 minutes. They’re saying “police action” at 24th and Mission, but of course, aren’t being clear about a) what’s going on, or, more importantly, b) how long it might take to clear up. I realize it’s mostly commuters, but giving riders clear alternatives just seems … sensible.

It might be clearing up now. Hard to tell. Just a lot of garbled messages over the PA.

Anyone know what’s going on? Post in comments, please.


  • Beth W.

    Yeah, I was stuck at Glen Park for a while. I loved how my train, once it got going again, just blew through 24th St. without stopping, as though nobody would possibly be getting off there.

  • “Police action at 24th,” quoth our train operator, who expressed some frustration at how long we sat in Glen Park station (doors open, fortunately) and how little BART operations was telling him (maybe he’s never dealt with BART ops on a service-disruption incident before, or was just putting on a good show of it). The advisories feed currently says essentially the same thing. No obvious bloodstains, fires, explosions or abductions at 24th that I noticed.

  • I was there between about 8:50 and 9:10, so your train might have blown past me, Beth 🙁 Three went by while BART cops searched the platform for something (conductor said they were searching for something).

    I might lose it if it turns out to be an unattended bag that caused the delays.

  • Beth W.

    Tara, I should have waved! Oh well. Goodness only knows what they were hunting for. Their sense of credibility, maybe.

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