• doyle

    31, right? That driver has done that to me at least twice, both at Emperor Palace.

  • 31 it was, doyle. perhaps we can start planning for four-minute diversions when we board the bus and see this guy.

  • wait a minute, is that a driver picking up his Chinese food? i can hardly believe my eyes!

  • Why yes, it is a driver getting his chow on. You’ve never seen that before? I meant only to remark at how efficiently he did that. To say nothing of his breakneck driving after this point. Seriously, hold the fuck on — this driver has hot food, and he’s not fucking around.

  • That shit happens to me all the time! One time, on the 71, the driver stopped to grab a fat slice on Haight. When he returned, I yelled “What the hell was that?” His response: “Hey, we’re all entitled to a break.” Good point. I wonder, are there designated “breaks” for Muni drivers, or do they just stop when needed?

  • What the!? I guess I must be riding Muni during non-meal times – my 47 driver has yet to stop for a snack in my experience…

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