How courteous

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but on both of my buses this morning, the driver announced next stops, and gave connecting routes, over their bus’s PA. Not only that, but you could also make out what they were saying.

Is this a new attempt at better transit? Anyone else notice this lately?


  • tara

    I’m still getting a wacky mix, I’m sure it’s completely dependent on the driver (and said driver’s mood). I don’t really get the personalized transfer announcements, but that’s really awesome and helpful, I thinks.

    Sometimes, the autobot PA announcements are really helpful and clear, and that’s kind of all you need. Other times (usually when the bus is most crowded), the volume on the stop announcer will be turned way down. Of course, when there are five people on the entire bus, the damn thing is up so people on the next block can hear it.

  • I’ve seen this as of a few months ago on a couple of lines that I take – notably the F and 47. Me likey!

  • Beth W.

    It happens more often with the routes that get tourists. It makes me really mad on some routes when they don’t even play pre-recorded audio stop info. What if I’m blind and riding the bus?? Jeezus.

  • Edmund

    There’s an operator on the L-Taraval that does just that! He looks like a hippy (no pun intended) and he’ll either announce every cross street or every major cross street and tell you if there’s a connecting route. I caught him doing the N-Judah run once but I haven’t seen him around in the past week.

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