Sorry driver, them’s the rules

So I boarded a 49-Van Ness the other evening, with Gida, my 12-pound Boston Terrier, stowed safely in her bag. I paid my double-fare, per SFMTA regulations, and kindly asked the driver for an extra transfer. One “for my dog,” I said.

“Huh,” he answered, incredulous and condescending.

“Can I get a transfer for my dog? She’s in this bag.” I said, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

“You don’t need that,” he said, as if I were new to this routine. Clearly, it was the other way around.

“Well, I’ve been asked several times for a transfer for her. I’m paying fare for her.”

At which point he begrudgingly handed me the transfer.

So, I refer this driver (and you, dog-owning Muni rider) to SFMTA’s rules concerning traveling with pets:

  • All other pets and non-service animals must be carried in small closed containers.
  • A fare equal to the owner’s must be paid for each non-service animal

Maybe, since I’m now unemployed, I can get some side work schooling Muni operators on their agency’s rules.


  • I’ve never brought Oscar on the bus, in large part due to his social awkwardness. But living in the Haight, I’ve seen many street kids bring their dogs on without muzzles. And these were no service dogs, dammit. I’ve never even heard a peep from the drivers that the dogs needed to be muzzled – nonetheless paid for. Most of the time, the dogs have been better behaved than the humans, but still. Muni, do your job.

  • Edmund

    I love how it’s plastered just about everywhere that when you pay for your fare to be sure to ask & keep your transfer as proof of payment…yet some drivers/operators are really stingy about giving them out. Looks like you’ll need to teach them Customer Service 101 as well =)

    SIDENOTE: Speaking of transfers, the operator of the T inbound gave me one that lasted a whole 5 hours! Boarded the T at 5:30, figuring the 90-minute window would allow plenty of time to swing by Stonestown. It wasn’t until I got to West Portal and swapped to a 17 that I realized it was torn off at the 10:30 mark. Sweet!

  • eugenia

    Or not that you’re a man of leisure, maybe save your fare since they’re not gonna enforce it anyway? Or is that…against the rules (which are MADE TO BE BROKEN, I say!).

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