Mission needs repaving. I need a job

Rode a 49 down Mission the other day for the first time in a month or so, and I noticed that the stretch between 16th and Cesar Chavez has actually gotten worse. It’s like kids have been out there with pickaxes, tearin’ shit up.

Perhaps the Obama administration’s infrastructure-stimulus plan can start right here in the heart of the Mission. I am now officially unemployed, and would love to get all Habitat for Humanity, only on road repair. Sign me up!


  • N-Judah rider here. I, too, am unemployed. Perhaps I will join you in smoothing out our fair city’s pocked roads. I’d rather join that endeavor now than get picked to, say, perform street sweeping duties at 7th and Market later. Better to deal with hot tar than hot…oh, never mind.

  • My dream would be to score a job driving a bus. But alas, the economy has dealt Muni a hiring freeze. Should we get all civic vigilante, and just go out and fix the damned things ourselves?

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