NYE Free-for-All!


As Greg at N-Judah Chronicles has chronicled, Muni rides are set to be liberated after 8 p.m. tonight. Buses and Muni Metro trains will be free from that point until 6 a.m. Route and time details can be found on SFMTA’s website.

We cannot encourage you enough to take advantage of this great service. Yes, Muni will probably still be a pain, and you may have to wait. But it’s the safest, cheapest, most environmentally friendly way to navigate the seven-by-seven on this crazy night.

So with the perfect storm of New Year’s Eve revelry, free public transit, and Palestine-Israel protests, there’s bound to be some juicy episodes on buses and trains tonight. What a perfect chance to tell everyone what you see and hear! You’ve probably got the day off tomorrow, and maybe Friday also.

Consider this the Muni Diaries equivalent of a public television or radio pledge drive. In the spirit of making 2009 an awesome year, start by sharing your New Year’s Eve stories!

Photo: Flickr user wpfphotos

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