Stacey’s Perishes … But There Are Others

staceysMuni Diaries was, like many people, sad to learn that a souring economy and sluggish book sales in the electronic age have forced the imminent demise of a downtown literary wonderlandStacey’s.

But we are quick to mourn, and we believe in picking up and moving on. Therefore, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind readers and riders that Green Apple in the Inner Richmond, our favorite librarie de la ville, is very much still open for business. You can get there on many Muni lines, including the 1, 2, 4, 38, 31, 33, and 44. Let us know if we missed any.

And let us know your favorite place to buy books in the city.

Photo: Raymond Yee


  • Peter

    Borders. 3rd & King. At least I can get a cup of coffee there. That’s why independent bookstores have to go.

  • While sad, this hardly spells the end of independent bookselling in SF. To me it sounds like Stacey’s business has been weak for some time and this is the inevitable end.

    It was my primary bookstore, but I also regularly shop at Alexander Book Company (right around the corner from Stacey’s), Bookshop West Portal, Book Passage (in the Ferry Building), The Booksmith (on Haight), and City Lights, pretty much in that order. Occasionally I go to Borderlands for sci-fi. I have never even visited any of Books, Inc.’s stores or Green Apple. Are there any other independent retailers here?

    And yes, I’ve been known to step into the Borders in Union Square or at Caltrain from time to time.

    Those are all just for new books. Used is a whole other category: Aardvark, Great Overland Book Co., Book Bay (at Fort Mason), Adobe Books, Bird & Beckett, a number of stores on Valencia … the list could go on. This is a great town for books.

  • eugenia

    Jeremy, I certainly hope you’re right – I primarily shop at Green Apples and The Booksmith and make a point to avoid amazon and borders because I really enjoy the shopping experience at independent bookstores. I know this is a town where indie book stores have a better chance than many other places.

  • I’m a Green Apple girl, but after the Apple I’ve got to recommend:
    Abandoned Planet Books – the first bookstore I was taken to when I moved to SF.
    Get Lost Travel – one stop shopping for all your travel book needs.
    Dog-Eared and Phoenix Books – quirky, good stores, lots of good books.
    Thidwick Books – The Richmond’s tiniest bookstore (I think) but stocked with a lot of good reads, cards, etc.

    Gone but not forgotten:
    I really miss Casa de libro on Valencia. Really, really.

    As a former bookstore employee, I can’t stress how important it is to support the indies. Mine were all in Boston and two of them closed. The third was Borders, and I can’t tell you how freaking corporate and creepy it was…
    Farewell, Stacey’s, but hopefully we won’t have to say goodbye to any other places anytime soon.

  • Green Apple girl all the way! Such a great store, it’s like our own tiny little Powell’s here in SF.

    I actually really do like Dog-Eared (haven’t been to the sister Phoenix yet). Modern Times is cool, too.

  • Totally forgot about Dog-Eared, and I go there all the time! Duh.

    Also: Red Hill Books.

    Also also: The SF Mystery Bookstore on 24th (Noe)

    Thidwick & Get Lost sound cool, Rachel — thanks for the tip!

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