(Update) Dinner break for all 49 operators?

Update: KRON-4 has the latest on what may be the cause of the transit snarl, a suspicious package left at the Chinese Consulate near Japantown. Tara got a cab, and her cabbie was told to avoid Geary at all costs.

Original post: Yeah, it’s Friday. It’s felt like a longer week than normal for a lot of us.

But you knew the positivity couldn’t last, didn’t you?

So what, exactly, explains this, eh, Muni?


Tara snapped that out at Van Ness and North Point a few minutes ago. She called to tell me about it, so I decided to check NextBus and see what it had to say. At my stop, 20th and Mission, the 49s heading north to North Point and Van Ness are scheduled as follows:


And Tara just called back to say that her signs read: 14 minutes and 16 minutes, followed by an Arriving, with no bus in sight.

I’ve heard of FAIL, and I’ve heard of Muni FAIL, but this exceeds all expectations of fucked-upitude.

Perhaps Muni and NextBus should look into having the signs read “Buses are broken, look for alternatives now.”

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