• I saw this car today. Will post pics when I have time.

  • Beth W.

    I got goosebumps when it sounded its horn, even though it has the same horn as several of the other models. Yay!

  • I rode this car on Friday without even knowing it was special. Looking back, I probably should have realized the car was marked on the front “Special” instead of L-Market. It’s all making sense to me now.

    But those of us who are just getting around, at every stop, were like, “Is this the L? What’s “special” mean.” And the driver/gripper/what do we call the streetcar operators? was like, “Because it’s special.”

    Great info, guys!

    Anyway, they did a nice job on the interior.

    The mint-colored one is still my favorite. I’ll have to find out what # that is. Oh, and I love the orange car from Milan, mainly because they kept the old Italian advertisements inside.

    I took photographs (unknowing it was special): here

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