Transit-News Digest 1.29.09

Late Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of the stimulus bill, which will provide much-needed mass transit funds. Elana Schor at TPM detailed the mass-transit funding in the bill, which still awaits watering-down debate in the Senate.

Closer to home, SFist_Dan gives us all a much-needed update on the state of TransLink. Put it this way — it’s running about as well as Muni is.

Greg Dewar adds more information to Wednesday evening’s incident in the Sunset involving a car getting pummeled by the N. Greg extended his post with a pretty scary olfactory incident of his own witness later that night. Greg also offered up a seemingly great idea to avoid transit-funding cuts, one he scribbled down at a bar a few years ago, to boot.

KPIX tells us BART’s decision to hire big-name lawyers to conduct a probe into the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant.

And SFGate reports of one example of confusing Muni signage. Word of the wise to SFGate: While technically accurate, this is the tip of iceberg. Read: All things NextBus.

If you know of news we missed, let us know!

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