That Now Infamous 33 Driver-Rider Fight

ABC 7’s Dan Noyes sought and got this story and its accompanying video, which shows a Muni bus operator out on the sidewalk holding down a passenger who had allegedly verbally given him a hard time about moving back on a crowded bus.

It’s a crazy story, and it’s been reported very diligently by SFist as well as ABC, so I’ll point you there for the details. Muni’s released statement on the incident was fairly boilerplate, along the lines of:

The SFMTA does not tolerate inappropriate behavior from any of its employees and will
continue to work with all employees to ensure that they maintain their professionalism at all

Well, what did you expect them to say?

We at Muni Diaries sure would’ve loved to have had that video, but of course, no hard feelings. We’re just glad the story got reported. If you do have stories, photos, videos, or news, send it our way. You can use our submission form or email stories and multimedia to us at

Safe riding!


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