Fast Pass Hike: The Rumors Are True

SFist reports on a suspicious missing element on March Fast Passes. The fare increases will be coupled by a hike in the price of the monthly passes beginning in July.

(oh, and when will all you prominent bloggers stop all-capping Muni, eh? it’s not, and never has been, an acronym. the persnickety copy editor in me is talking to you, Greg and Brock. — Jeff)


  • Beth W.

    If it WERE an acronym, it’d be SFMR — for San Francisco Municipal Railway. 🙂

  • I admit to capitalizing it… I don’t know if I can stop!

  • joe

    say i get a new job. maybe the job is at burger king. it’s not a great job, but it’s a job. there are certain responsibilities i have, cleaning the tables, floors, making fries, slapping together burgers, showing up to work on-time, clean. so monday i show up on-time, and do my thing. tuesday i’m late 15 minutes, but i’m there, so i still do my thing. wednesday i don’t show up at all, but instead i send my smaller brother, rico, to fill in. he can’t do as much as me, but it’s enough to work through the day and i keep my job. thursday i make it to work on-time, but i’m still wearing the shirt i had on when i started monday, so i smell like dirt and look the same. friday comes around and it’s time to get paid. i walk into burger king and ask him for a raise.

    if i actually worked like MUNI “works” i would be fired. i don’t understand what’s going on here. more money, but more service cuts?

  • Jeff

    Rachel, think of it this way: Because it isn’t an acronym, when all-capped, for those who know or care (anyone out there?), it comes across as screaming, or at least emphasized. Now, that might very well be the case (GODDAMMIT MUNI, YOU PASSED ME UP AGAIN!), but typically, it isn’t.

    Muni, of course, is an abbreviation, not an acronym. But if it were, there’s some insight here as to what M-U-N-I would stand for.

  • Rick

    The all-caps Muni thing may have started with the logo.

  • jeff

    Funny, all I see in that logo is Lombard 😉

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