Your Muni Meltdown™, Brought to You by Twitter

Something nasty happening in the western half of town, as reported on Twitter. Some choice Tweets:

njudah YIKES! Folks, if you’re downtown and need to get home, just plan on MUNI being a big hassle…get a coffee or a cocktail and wait it out.

munidiaries looks pretty ugly out west:

AgentNano Looks like there are also delays on MUNI with the N-Judah. Bus Bridge in place between Ocean Beach and at least Sunset, maybe 19th.

rowenoftc Sad N-Judah fail in progress.

AgentNano MUNI underground 15-30 minute delays on the outbound K, L, M, and T lines, due to equipment problems.

jonsnyder Been stuck underground on the N for like 30 min now. What’s up?

If you know more, or have stories of getting stuck in the fracas, let us know in comments.

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