Unintended Consequences on the 49


Submitted by Muni rider Erich

The 49. Inbound at 8:45. The bus makes its stop and this guy in wheelchair asks to get off. The driver is kind enough to push him toward the lift but the guy starts bitching him out. He lets the guy go on his own and the guy makes it to the lift. He then proceeds to fuck around in the lift and flip his chair, wedging it in the railing. The bus driver had to stop the bus and call an inspector so they wouldn’t get sued. We walked from there. The guy was still bitching.

If you’ve been stuck, had to walk, or have any other tales from Muni or BART, send it to us.


  • eugenia

    Wow that is crazy. Such a totally different experience than when I was on the 49 this Tuesday, when a woman (who was an amputee) in a wheelchair asked to get off the bus, a random fellow rider pushed her toward the lift, and on her way out, another fellow rider wished her good night. If you live in the Civic Center area, you have probably seen this woman in a wheel chair on the street pretty often.

    Anyway, I digress.

    So what was this guy bitching about?!

  • That’s nuts.

    It’s amazing, with how much is done, that some “wheel chair” bound people can still be asses when riding transit. I’ve been in 10+ minute delays because of wheelchair peepz screwing around and botching up themselves like this or just dragging around and not getting on or off.

    …amazing. But fortunately I mostly experience good things like what eugenia menionted. Cordial and respectable actions by fellow riders to keep things moving. 🙂

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