Protesting the War in Iraq by Stopping Muni in Its Tracks? (UPDATES)

fprotestSecond update: ABC 7 now has a slide show of the war protest up.

First update: Looks like SFGate is the first bigger operation (the kind that pays its staff) to get the story of the Market Street protest online. Nice work, Rubenstein. We still want to know what you think of this sort of protest. Tell us in comments.

Original post: Are you downtown? Do you see this happening?

A couple of tweets on the event:

dreamnotoftoday Four protesters removed from train track and arrested. Tracking now flowing on Market. #sf #iraq

californiabeat DEVELOPING: Anti-War protest blocking Downtown SF intersection at Market & Montgomery Streets. Police preparing for arrests.

Here’s a post with photos from last year’s (pre-President Obama, mind you) Iraq war protest.

What do you think of these Iraq war protests, where people are lying across the F tracks on Market? Let us know your feelings on this, the anniversary of the war, in comments.

Photo by Twitterer dreamnotoftoday


  • eugenia

    This is the kind of thing that really irks me about living in San Francisco, or Berkeley, formerly, for that matter. We now have a timeline to get out of Iraq, don’t we? So the point of spreading down on all fours on Market Street would be…? And also, this is San Francisco. Everybody and their grandmas and their dogs are anti-war. It’s just annoying to me.

  • I agree, Eugenia! All this does is punish the commuters, the tourists and the regular people who just happen to be in the area. I know for me, it doesn’t make me think of the issues. It just makes me mad.

  • Why stop transit? That doesn’t do a damn thing in relation to stopping any wars!

    This has to be one of the most ill-advised, ineffectual, idiotic ways to protest anything.

    …I suppose if he were protesting transit it might be useful. Seriously though, somebody get out there at smack em’ in the head. This is just dumb.

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