Muni accident at Fourth and Townsend? (Update)

Update: SFMTA’s Twitter alias informs us, via Via @SFMuniRy, it seems someone fell trying to alight from or get on a coach. No real ‘info’ though.

Original post: shannonk from Twitter alerted us, indirectly, to this incident at Fourth and Townsend today. Now SFMuniRy is on the case. According to them, the incident involves a Muni coach and a pedestrian. Ouch.

Here are @shannonk‘s tweets:

no idea if the bus hit the guy, or he just collapsed near or in the bus and was subsequently moved.

Muni bus stopped w/firetruck in front of it, guy under it, close to front wheels. Did not see the initial event, though.

Hmmm. Folks taking cell pics of Muni crash victim @ 4th and Townsen: citizen journalism or creepy exploitation?

If you’ve got details or saw the incident, let us (and the SFPD) know.


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