F: Rude but Hilarious

This is something I’ve never experienced before, a funny operator on an F that’s also obnoxious and rude at the same time (well, maybe there were several occasions before, but this is a first for me).

So I was riding the F, heading downtown from Fisherman’s Wharf, jam-packed as usual, but I’ve never ridden the F during the rush hour.

As we approached Pier 39, the operator said:

Clear the back door, I’m letting them both in. Well, obviously we can’t fit everyone on, so if you’re claustrophobic, don’t bother getting on, there are two more cars coming behind me, feel free to catch those cars too.

After we left the stop at Pier 39, I could see him chatting with another operator who stopped his car at the Pier 39 turnaround, after that he says:

Hey, you pick up those people! Gimme a break!

And as we made a fast right, I would guess around 30 mph:

Watch out, making a right!

He went so fast I nearly fell.

As we approached Greenwich:

No takers? Hey, this car is packed, there are two more cars coming behind me, catch those.

I could hear some of the tourists laughing at what he said.

As we approached Broadway:

Broadway, Pier 7…Any takers? (someone rings bell) Oops, too late! Can’t stop now! There’s no going back!

He did say more, but I don’t really remember what else he said…

Has anyone ever encountered this operator before? He usually does the 5:30 p.m. from Jones and Beach, don’t know the run, but if you have run into this operator before, post a shoutout in the comments!

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