Playboys and Boys Playing …

playboy on the subway

This delightful tale is by Amy

Ok, so apparently it’s Gross on BART week, although I don’t remember seeing a press release. (Sorry, I didn’t snap any pictures).

On the way home yesterday, this guy with a beard and baseball cap was reading Playboy on BART. A group of middle-aged women, noticing this, got up quickly and scattered like he was contagious or something. One of them said, quite loudly, “I GUESS HE’S READING IT FOR THE ARTICLES.”

Bearded guy, clearly only slightly embarrassed, folded the magazine cover over and continued to look at it.

But what I saw this morning will stick with me for a month, at least.

I first noticed a guy on BART because he was wearing a ball cap with the Virgin of Guadalupe on it, with his ponytail sticking out the back like the Marina girls do it. Soon, he stuck most of his right index finger up his nose and dug and dug, taking breaks to roll snot balls between his fingers. I must note that no one was sitting next to him so, hey, if you ever want a seat to yourself …

Photo by Flickr user Mr. Wright.

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