WTF Is This? Mini-Fridge?


Heh. Maybe this can become a regular Muni Diaries feature. Tara sent us this photo from the 10 stop at Stockton and North Point … along with this penetrating question:

Is it wrong to kind of wish the mini fridge was still in this box? It’s AC/DC powerd AND can do hot, also.

Are your editors simply out of the consumerist loop? WTF is a mini-fridge, any-freakin’-way?

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  • LOL what do you mean what is a mini-fridge? It’s a must-have item in geekland, where I am constantly immersed in items such as this. You know, it’s the thing that you keep in your cubicle because you are a) too lazy to walk to the company fridge, b) too possessive of your chocolate or soda to risk it in the company fridge, and c) too busy to walk to the company fridge to retrieve your food.

    It is also what you keep in dorm rooms if you don’t trust your dorm mates not to eat your yogurt.

    It is also handy if you are a teenage boy living at home and you don’t want to see your parents/siblings on your way to the family fridge.

    God, you’re making me want one asap!

    • sorry, gina, but i kinda don’t think the photo is of that type of mini-fridge. you’re thinking of this, right? tara’s image looks way, way too small.

      • Yeah, I think it’s different. I wholeheartedly agree with the concept as it applies to work (being cursed with fridge-stealers myself), but that’s a different kind. This one was like a way more advanced cooler, should you want to make all the people at the ballgame or the monster-truck rally jealous.

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