I Dream of Muni: Locomotive Streetcars


Beth W. has sent us another of her Muni dreams. This one is possibly even more exciting than the first:

I dreamed on Thursday that I was in Noe Valley and I meant to get onto the J-Church train, but instead got onto another train by mistake that took me to the far eastern part of San Francisco. I wound up by the Bay, which was clear and bright blue, like a tropical ocean, and the sand on the beach (yes, there was a beach!) was sparkling white. The roads were wide and smooth, and the medians and crosswalks were “paved” with pebbles in many shades of brown and gray. The best part was that the rail line, which ran through the center of the boulevards, had cars that looked like miniature locomotives rather than the usual LRV cars or streetcars. I’ve never seen anything like them. They were black and each one had a “smokestack” on top and a “conductor” at the front who took your money or looked at your rail pass. There were no buildings in the area, just vast stretches of blue water, sandy beach and all those pebbles. It was really beautiful.

If you’ve got a Muni dream to share, this is the space to do that in. Send us your dreams, fantasies, and real-life experiences.


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