Comment from AppTight on the Routesy-NextBus-NBIS story

On Monday, Tara’s post about Routesy and NextBus and NBIS received a belated comment from Kelly Beener, the VP of Marketing at AppTight, the company that makes iCommute-SF,  a Routesy iPhone app competitor. (confused? check out the story to learn more.) It was a long and thoughtful comment. But because Muni Diaries is, for now, a blog, posts tend to fade away into obscurity. We felt that because AppTight is a player in this story, it was right to alert our readers of Kelly’s comment. Here’s a taste:

We’ve closely followed the progression of this controversy and understand why it is that there are so many differing opinions and why people can have such differing convictions as to who has what rights as it’s a lengthy history with many revisions, contracts, acquisitions and tranfers. That being said, we are quite happy with our relationship with NBIS and feel that it ultimately achieves the best possible service for the consumers.

Click here to read the full story and comments.

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